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Lawrence E. Williams, CPA

rofessional Activities
Member American Institute of CPAs, member Michigan Association of CPAs, member Up North Collaborative Divorce Professionals.

Areas of Practice

Professional Licenses
CPA – Certified Public Accountant

Undergraduate Education
BA from Michigan State University, Accounting major from Ferris State University, Accounting major from Northwestern Michigan College

Professional Education CPA- Certified Public Accountant



General Comments

Most divorces are settled without a trial. In addition to the more formal forms of alternative dispute resolution, the CPA can offer numerous services to assist the attorney in more informal settlement negotiations. The services rendered may take a variety of forms, but often include the following:

a. Preparation of a ‘Schedule of Assets, Liabilities, and Net Worth Worksheet’ reflecting the spouses’ entitlements and distributions of the marital estate assets and liabilities.

b. Preparation of a ‘Net Disposable Income and Personal Living Expenses Worksheet’ reflecting income levels and historical cost of living data obtained from the personal cash disbursement records, charge account records, and other resources.

c. Preparation of differing allocations of alimony and child support payments, including schedules that reflect the tax consequences of the various proposed allocations.

d. Preparation of an ‘Estimated Income Taxes on Differences between Fair Market Values and Tax Bases Worksheet’ to reflect the tax basis and tax consequences associated with the sale of assets.

e. Preparation of a schedule of pre-marital, gifted, or inherited assets.

f. Preparation of schedules reflecting estimated increases in retirement plan assets from the current date to the date of retirement.

g. Tax Planning

h. Discovery assistance

i. Valuation of businesses and professional practices

j. Assistance in finalizing property distributions and support agreements.

Collaborative Practice Training

 Training Type
Intro to Collaborative Practice Interactive Training

Jolie Gelman Weinberg, Esq


Lawrence E. Williams, CPA
Financial Professional
L. E. Williams & Company, P.C.
Certified Public Accountant
Certified Valuation Analyst
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Traverse City, MI 49686
(231) 922-8610
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