Costs of a Collaborative Divorce

A Collaborative divorce is usually less expensive than a traditional divorce that is settled out of court  (divorces that go to trial are always the most expensive).   In some cases, mediation is appropriate, and if attorneys are not involved, mediation … Continue reading

Don’t Litigate, Collaborate

While divorce is never easy, there is a new place for those dealing with the issue to turn for support and guidance. A local team of attorneys, mediators, mental health professionals and a financial expert formed the group Up North … Continue reading

A Healing Approach

by Maura Brennan Peace and happiness often seem like impossible goals at the time of divorce. Once a decision to divorce has been made; many people drop into the chair opposite a lawyer, in deep grief, exhausted from a sometimes … Continue reading

Amicable Split

‘Collaborative divorce’ could lessen fights and costs Article written for the Record Eagle, August 23, 2009 Is there a nicer way to get divorced? Breaking up is hard to do, but some local experts think collaborative divorce could be a … Continue reading